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How to pass the value of a variable to DOS

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I wrote an AutoIT program that asks the user to enter a session name. This session name is now stored in a variable within a function. What I would like to do is to now use a RUN command and set certain parameters for GHOST to process. One of the parameters is a GHOST session name (so it can connect to a ImageCast server).

My question is: How can I dump the value of this variable in the command line as a parameter for GHOST?

Here is the line that I want to run from my AutoIT script:

Run("ghost32 -crcignore -fro -clone,mode=restore,src=@mc%$download_name%,dst=1 -sure", "x:\I386\system32", "")

Those parameters for GHOST are correct. But the part where I need to dump the value (the ImageCast session name which the user enters when prompted by my script) of my variable ($download_name) I do not know how to do.

Any suggestions? If this is not possible, is there another way in which I can automate this?

Thank you.

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Correct syntax is:

Run("ghost32 -crcignore -fro -clone,mode=restore,src=@mc%" & $download_name & "%,dst=1 -sure", "x:\I386\system32", "")

( Kind of a long post for such a easy question. )

Thank you. I got it working now. I think I did not put the % in the above expression and hence it did not work.

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