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What UDF means ??

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Correct. A User Defined Function is a function that you can define in your code to do a task. It is often used so that you can eaisily run a block of code without having to type it out over and over. It can also return a value, and/or accept paramaters into the function. You can create some functions, and put them in a seperate source file so that you can include them in your scripts. That way, you just need to do a #include <FileName.au3> at the top of any script to gain access to any functions defined in that file. The full install of AutoIt also comes with some UDFs that you can use.

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Yep, it means a user-defined function. The following is an example of a UDF that counts the number of times a character occurs in a string:

Func _StringCount($string, $char)
   Local $i, $count
   For $i = 1 to StringLen($string)
      If StringMid($string, $i, 1) = $char Then $count = $count + 1
   Return $count
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Ohhh, ok ok. I know what a user function is. But becausse my native language is spanish and we don't use UDF in coding, I thought It was something different.

Thanx very much to all for your help. :ph34r:


- Alandor -

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