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program crashes with 1gb of memory

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This isnt autoit related, but i though someone may know a fix to my problem.

my pc at work (512mb) is crapping out on me, so i got a new one

it has 1gb of memory

I have a legacy program that crashes with anything over 512mb of ram in the system

it's a custom application (like a sql/access 1.0 front end) but it's something critical to my job.

no source code and no support.

my only option is to run 512 on my new system.

or i thought maybe someone knows of a program that i can run and make my applicaiton *think* the system only has 512..

anyone know anything that may help?

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Get your selfe a copy of vmware to run your legacy app in. You can find workarounds to get the free vmware player running. If you don't send me a PM and I'll try to help you out.

Yuo could also try qemu first but last time I tried it it was slow like hell (it's bin a while so it might have improved a lot).

EDIT: Removed quoted text-

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