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Retrieving a ListViewItem position in a SysListView

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How can i retrieve the x and y coordinates of a ListViewItem in a System list view (or any way to retrieve it's controlID ? ... i'm a bit lost)

I succeed in getting the Item Index is the system ListView (using the Listview ClassNameNN or ControlID) but how can i do that at the Item's level ?

Thanks for ur help !

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when i select an item using "Find Item" like in the following code :

$c=ControlListView("Connexions réseau", "", "SysListView321", "FindItem", "Connexion au réseau local")
MsgBox(4096,"Essai réseau...","retour : " & $c,4)
ControlListView("Connexions réseau", "", "SysListView321", "Select",$c)

My item seems to be correctly selected ... but when i try to retrieve the controlID of the selected Item, the following code :

MsgBox(4096,"Essai réseau...","ItemID : " & $ItemID,4)

Returns 0 ... as if nothing was selected (????) ...

Can anybody tell me why it behaves this way ?

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