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Meszaros Csaba

MySQL error in MySQL.au3 l

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Meszaros Csaba


I've created a database in MyQL called 'plebania' with a table 'szemelyek'. It has 3 columns: keresztnev, szuletes and lakcim. I'm testing a frontend written in AutoIt:

#include <MySQL.au3>


$dtum=InputBox("Datum","YYYY -MM-DD ")


dim $values[4]

$values[0] = Chr(34)&$knev&Chr(34)

$values[1] = Chr(34)&$dtum&Chr(34)

$values[2] = Chr(34)&$cim&Chr(34)

$values[3] = ""

$sql = _MySQLConnect("root","csaba","plebania","localhost")

_AddRecord($sql, 'szemelyek', $values, $values)


Something must be wrong, cos I'm getting error message:

Line 132 (File "Program Files\AutoIt\Include\MySQL.au3"):



Error: The requested action with this object has failed

What's wrong ?

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