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TCP or UDP ?

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I've already made a search but I havn't found something.

I understand so far, that that 2 protocols are mainly the same:sending and receiving data between two entities, and that TCP structure is more complex as UDP's one.

But you autoit-scripters who are knowing much more about it, would you make a little summary for me?

Thanx :whistle:

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The protocol to choose depends heavily on what you are going to use the protocol for. Programs that require massive amounts of data to be sent, and where lost data is not much of a problem, almost always use the UDP protocol. Because UDP is slightly faster then TCP. UDP is used in applications like Limewire, or applications that use Video streaming. TCP is a lot more reliable in contrast to UDP. UDP even sometimes is called the Unreliable Datagram Protocol. So, if you are not going to build something that requires massive amounts of data to be sent, go with UDP. I myself am a big fan of using TCP all of the time.

Here's a list of the advantages of TCP over UDP:

  • Error-free data transfer
  • Ordered-data transfer
  • Retransmission of lost packets
  • Discarding duplicate packets
  • Congestion throttling

User Datagram Protocol - Wiki

Transmission Control Protocol - Wiki

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