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Activating a Window from a Process ID (PID)

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I want to run only one instance of a program. I will know the program name but not the title.

I guess I need to use the ProcessExists statement but I don't know how to actvate the window.

So the code would be along these lines.

If ProcessExists("program.exe") Then ... Activate ... Else Run program.exe

What statements do I need to get the title via a PID so I can use WinActivate?


More Details

The idea is that I have GUI (written by someone else in Java)

It has user defineable link buttons that you can set for loading a URL or File

All works well except that on the 2nd click of the button a new and duplicate program/webpage gets loaded.

If it exists then I only want to activate the program/browser.

My idea is to run it through an AutoIt called Load.exe

Then instead of the link pointing directly to the program/url I would get it to link to Load.exe with a parameter.

i.e. "load program.exe" or "load http://ww....."

I intend to give this to the other programmer for distribution and therefore have no way of telling what the program will be and hence the window title.

The browser bit I think I can manage but I need help finding the window title of the process.

Any Ideas would be greatfully received!

Regards Richard

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Thank you Valuater.

A small modification and that will do nicely! :whistle:

(Thanks also to SmOke_N for the code)

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