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Need help with a simple script...

Guest Ordano

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Guest Ordano

Basicly I just need a program that does this:

Wait 30


Hit Enter

Wait 1

Hit Enter

Wait 5

Hit Escape


If possible I need the program to end or pause when I hit a certain key...

Can anyone help me with this?

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Have you taken a look at the helpfile? What you need to do is very simple, so you'll see examples of it in the manual. Read the "Using AutoIt" section if your new. You'll also find out how to loop in the Language Reference section. Sending keys and pausing are pretty basic things. There's also a command to set a command to a key, and you can probably use the handy search function of the helpfile as well to assist you on that one.

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Something like this should give you a start...

HotKeySet("{F1}", "Terminate")


$i = 0

While $i =0

Func Terminate()
    Exit 0
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