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Delayed StartUp Program -- A few different Problems.

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As posted in another thread, the below code :

sleep(30000) ; Giving internal / hidden startup items time to initialize.

Run(@ProgramFilesDir & "\MSN Messenger\msnmsgr.exe") ; Launch MSN.
WinWait("Windows Live Messenger") ; Wait until MSN is actually loaded.
ControlSend("Windows Live Messenger","","","{ENTER}") ; Send Enter to Sign into MSN.
sleep(7000) ; Allow time to sign in.
ControlSend("Windows Live Messenger","","","!{f4}") ; Minimize MSN to Systray.

Run(@ProgramFilesDir & "\xfire\xfire.exe") ; Launch Xfire

Run(@ProgramFilesDir & "\aim\aim.exe") ; Launch Aim
WinWait("Sign On") ; Wait until Aim is actually loaded.
ControlSend("Sign On","","","{ENTER}") ; Send Enter to Sign into Aim.
WinWait("Buddy List Window") ; wait until signed in (as the window name changes)
sleep(7000) ; Give time to fully load up
ControlSend("Buddy List Window","","","!{f4}") ; Minimize Aim to Systray.

Run(@MyDocumentsDir & "\mirc\mirc.exe") ; Launch mIRC
Run("C:\Documents and Settings\SirCheeze\Desktop\Donar.exe") ; Launch another custom script

Runs; however the code is not very effective. Would there be a different way to go about what I am trying to do?

For instance, Windows Live Messenger, doesn't use Control IDs, on the sign in page(The same with aim.)

The way it is written, computer lag or internet latency can and will make the script ineffective.

Simply put, the code is supposed to execute the programs, initialize them(sign in), and finally, Minimize them to the systray.

P.S. - I did try the RunWait route, I couldn't make this work for me.

P.P.S. - On the final executions of the two other .au3 scripts, I couldn't make @DesktopDir work. :whistle:

Alas, I would like to thank anyone that is willing to help guide me onto a better path for my purposes.

Edit: -- Documented the code as to the purposes they were intended to preform.

Edited by jacob_1998_1999
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