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Shows cursor location

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Easy Cursor Location (ECL)


Easy tool for use with autoit. It shows the location of your mouse cursor. Just check it out ;)


- Shows the current cursor/mouse location.

- Stores the location of your cursor by pressing "F4"

- Possible to clear the stored locations by pressing "F3"

- It is possible to changes the hotkeys in de "settings.ini"

- Its also possible to change the location of the window.

This should be a standard tool in scite & autoit :lmao:

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Thanks, this will be helpful for the automation project I'm working on. It's not exactly what I was looking for but extremely useful. What I was searching for was a way to locate the cursor (not mouse cursor) in a AS400 terminal emulator program. You wouldn't have any idea how to find the that cursor location would you?

Thanks for the script, and any other help you or anyone can give.

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