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need some help with my code

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Hi if u have a few min and dont mind looking over my code and telling me whats wrong it would mean a lot theres a erorr in there some where and i dont know how to fix it thanks

Func init()
    Local $X, $Y, $Z, $A

    WinActivate("Magic Online V2")

    If @DesktopDepth < 24 Then
        _ShowError( "Your color depth should be 24bit or 32bit")

    If @DesktopHeight > 768 And @DesktopWidth > 1024 Then

        WinMove( "Magic Online V2", "", 0, 0, 1024, 755)

        $Y = 0
        While PixelGetColor(500, $Y) <> 0
            $Y = $Y + 1

;~  721

        $X = 0
        While PixelGetColor($X, $Y) <> 0
            $X = $X + 1

        $Z = $Y + $X

        $Y = $Y - 19

        WinMove( "Magic Online V2", "", -$X, -$Y, 1024 + 2 * $X, 721 + $Z)


        WinSetState( "Magic Online V2", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

        $A = WinGetClientSize( "Magic Online V2")
        If $A[0] <> 1024 Or $A[1] <> 721 Then
            _ShowError( "There's an error on your system configuration." & @CRLF & @CRLF & "If you can't solve the problem, please send the latest screenshot at " & @CRLF & """" & @ScriptDir & "\support"" to cammy-14@hotmail.co.uk")


some of my scripts check them out and give feedback so i can learn from them :)autoclicker a autoclickernote taker a script to take notes with

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o srry the erorr is in the bit

$A = WinGetClientSize( "Magic Online V2")
 If $A[0] <> 1024 Or $A[1] <> 721 Then
;  ^ here
the WinGetClientSize returns 0 if the window is'nt found. With 0 the array dos'nt exists anymore so AutoIt says there cannot be a subscript.

To avoid this test the @error to 0 and do the if only in this case. If @error<>0 you have to write what you'll do

$A = WinGetClientSize( "Magic Online V2")
if @error=0 then
      If $A[0] <> 1024 Or $A[1] <> 721 Then
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