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World of warcraft Auto BG

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Hi all im new here. I cant write good english but nvm about that :lmao: . I need some help. I have working plan to use BG auto join cheat (if you play wow you know what i mean). It is based on legal addOns, but i need hlp to make working script. Im not programmer or anything so its realy hard for me :evil:

Ass you well know when you leave BG you teleport to BG master. I need script that automatic hold sift button allways (optional), and right clicks battlemaster. If you can do those scripts i tell you where to download right addOns to make things work ^^

OFC you need anti AFK Script but there are allready many of them.

Point is that when you go to BG you dont need to do anything to earn reputation,honor and mark of honors.

If you dont understand something feel free to ask. I hope that this is going to work ;)

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