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Alex Lau

Pause on the first window ! Help me !

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hi ,

can anyone help to check my script below ? it's always paused on the first window when i run it , i don't know what's happened, i have ran many test for this script , sometime succesfully and sometimes failed.

i don't know what can i do.


$answer = MsgBox(64+4, "SAP GUI Upgrade", "This program will upgrade SAP GUI from 6.20 to 6.40. do you want to do it now ?")

If $answer = 7 Then



RunAsSet("Administrator", "xxxxx", "xxxxxx")


WinWaitActive("SAP Front-End Configuration Wizard - [step 1 of 2]")

;The script pasued on the window above , but when i run the script again, it will pass, and there two AutoIt icons in the system icon area!!!


WinWaitActive("SAP Front-End Configuration Wizard - [step 2 of 2]")


WinWaitActive("SAP Front-End Setup Wizard")



$answer = msgbox(0, "SAP GUI Upgrade", "Completed!")


Thank you very much !!!


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