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ADO GetChunk

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First, I'v only been using AutoIt for a few days and it's saved me tons of time and effort. I love it.

This is the code I'm having problems with:

$rtfsiz = $o_ADOrs2("rtfText").ActualSize

$rtfText = $o_ADOrs2("rtfText").getchunk($rtfsiz)

I can read normal fields fine using .value and I can use .getchunk in VBA or ASP in a similar way and get a string back.

When I do the above in AutoIT v3.2.0.1 I get the correct size in $rtfsiz but $rtfText is either empty or just contains a few characters. I've tried converting it to a binaryString etc but that doesn't work either. I've also tried the IsString, IsBinaryString, IsArray and IsObj and they all return 0.

Can anyone suggest the right way to do it please.

!!!! Sorry wrong forum. I ment to post in AutoIT Help !!!!

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