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Spybot, How To Auto Support itself?

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Please excuse my Newbish appearance, but yes i am very new with scripting and I have become very interested in the whole idea of setting up programs to do their own things with my characteristics, right now I am trying to figure out how i can make this application(Spybot) to run step by step, and the only thing i got to work is to have the program load up and update its definitions.

Heres what i want it to do in order.

1.Load Spybot

2.“Search for Updates”

3.“Download Updates”


5.“Check for Problems”

6.“Fix Problems”

7.Close Spybot

thats pretty much what im trying to do but of course I'm stuck with step 1, and if the thread was posted before, i apologize for not being able to find it but i been searching and i couldn't find anything in relative. And maybe some tutorial sites would be nice to check if you have any to post, thanks

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If by Spybot you mean Spybot Search and Destroy - then:


The following switches seem to be available:

/autoupdate /autocheck /autofix /autoclose /autoimmunize /taskbarhide



Make a new text file.

Place the full path of the spybot exe within quotes and add the desired switches.

"...full path..." /autoupdate /autocheck /autofix /autoclose /autoimmunize /taskbarhide

Save the text file.

Rename it sb.bat

Make a scheduled task to run that bat file as often as you like.

I do not know anything about spybot S & D - there may be versions that do not work with these switches.

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