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Guest whitneyr78

I'm trying to add a script that will install quickbooks 2004 to a few users on my network. The users don't have appropriate permissions to install the software, so I've decided to try RunAsSet.

I think my script is correct:


; Set the RunAs parameters to use domain adminstrator account

RunAsSet("Administrator", "Domain", "password")

;AutoItSetOption ( "RunErrorsFatal", 0 )

; First lock user input from the keyboard and mouse


SplashTextOn("", @LF & "Please wait while QuickBooks 2004 is being installed.", 640, 300, -1, -1, 1, "Arial", 28)




If I comment out the RunAsSet line it will execute the installer, but if I leave it in I get the following error:


Error: Unable to execute the external program.

The system cannot find the path specified.

Any ideas? :whistle:



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Guest whitneyr78

Good thought Larry, but that wasn't it.

The K: drive is a network drive.

I just did some more testing. Here's what I've found:

If I log into another computer, it works for me (I have admin rights)

If a user on another computer runs the script, it works

If I log in as administrator on another machine, it works

So it turns out it's My machine!

Anyone have any ideas how to fix that!?

Thanks again,


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