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John Parker

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John Parker

Hi All,

I'm new to AutoIt and I'm trying to generate a script that does the following;

Opens a program, File Open (Ctrl +O), Then select a study, O.K.

I have included my code. It starts the program, does the File Open and a screen pops up for the user to select a study. I have used the active window info to capture the study I want to open and included it my code. My question is this. How do I take the info from the window capture and use it to select the study I have selected?




; AutoIt Version: 3.0

; Language: English

; Platform: Win2K

; Author: John Parker


; Script Function:

; Opens WinCati.

; and selects the ASE study

; Prompt the user to run the script - use a Yes/No prompt (4 - see help file)

$answer = MsgBox(4, "AutoIt Example (English Only)", "This script will open the Ci3 WinCati Program. Run?")

; Check the user's answer to the prompt (see the help file for MsgBox return values)

; If "No" was clicked (7) then exit the script

If $answer = 7 Then

MsgBox(0, "AutoIt", "OK. Bye!")



; Open WinCati


;Pause script execution for 3 seconds.


;Use Alt+F, to open file

Send(" !F")

;Pause script execution for 3 seconds.


;Use Control+O to Open a study


;Pause script execution for 3 seconds.


>>>>>>>>>>>> Window Details <<<<<<<<<<<<<

Title: Select Study

Class: #32770

Size: X: 440 Y: 297 W: 272 H: 243

>>>>>>>>>>> Mouse Details <<<<<<<<<<<

Window: X: 36 Y: 176

Cursor ID: 2

>>>>>>>>>>> Pixel Color Under Mouse <<<<<<<<<<<

RGB: Hex: 0xFFFFFF Dec: 16777215

>>>>>>>>>>> Control Under Mouse <<<<<<<<<<<

Size: X: 11 Y: 18 W: 155 H: 189

Control ID: 1838

ClassNameNN: SysListView321

Text: List1

Style: 0x50310015

ExStyle: 0x00000204

>>>>>>>>>>> Status Bar Text <<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>> Visible Window Text <<<<<<<<<<<





>>>>>>>>>>> Hidden Window Text <<<<<<<<<<<

;wait for Select Study to be active window

WinWaitActive("Select Study")

; Now quit by sending a "close" request


; Now wait WinCati to close before continuing


; Finished!

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