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Placeholders in filenames ???

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I want to write a tool to observe the correct working of a tv-recording application.

It creates filnames like this:

07-09 19-55-52_SAT 1 Austria_Austria TopNews.mpg

What I would need is a match-funktion like this to find out whether the application records or not:

$filename= "E:\capture\" & @MON &  "-" & @MDAY & " " & @HOUR & "-" & @MIN & $placeholder & ".mpg"

If FileExists($filename) Then
    $size = FileGetSize($filename)
    MsgBox(4096,"Alert", "Active Recording detected:" & $size & "MB")
    MsgBox(4096,"Alert", "NO active Recording found.")

The problem here: I dont know the name of the show, therefore I would like to replace $placeholder by placeholders such as * or ? in Windows©.

But neither in the helpfile nor in the forumsearch I could find something like that.

Maybe there exists something like the following for filenames, but I couldn't find anything useful:

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2) ; 2=Match any substring in the title.

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have a look at FileFindFirstFile ( "filename" ) in the helpfile. it should allow you to retrieve the filename from the directory...

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