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How should I?

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I want to improve this part of my script:

Global $FirstProgressBar = PixelChecksum(374, 118, 374, 118)

$begin = TimerInit()

While $FirstProgressBar = PixelChecksum(374, 118, 374, 118)



Send ("{ENTER}")

some more code

some more code

some more code

some more code

If TimerDiff($begin)/1000 > $MaxTimeOut Then Exitloop


I want to add a function (I think). Lets say there's a 2nd progress bar (same color as 1st pro bar just different x,y) and it moves as its doing the loop. The scritp's made to loop into the first bar is done but some times the 2nd bar gets done first.

if the 2nd progress bar gets to 111,222 I want it to do the function if it doesn't reach that x,y I want it to go with the rest of the script.

I'm not sure how to do function I read the autoit help and did a small search but didn't find much help.

In the function I'll probly have it open a program do a few lines of code and end the script and open a new script.

Or are functions a bad idea for this?

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I'm a newbie.Sorry if I don't reposed to your replays very fast.

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