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Guest rathore

is it possible (maybe by a style or exstyle) to cause the edit control to word-wrap?

i searched the help file for 'wrap' but found only this:

UDS_WRAP 0x01 Causes the position to wrap if it is incremented or decremented beyond the end or beginning of the range.

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see this post for some info/example

style == 0x50200104

WS_CHILD 0x40000000

WS_VISIBLE 0x10000000

WS_VSCROLL 0x00200000

ES_LEFT 0x00000000

ES_MULTILINE 0x00000004

ES_NOHIDESEL 0x00000100

exStyle == 0x00000200


WS_EX_LEFT 0x00000000



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Guest rathore

sorry for my late reply (the topic notification is moody i guess).

thanx cyberslug, your answer is to the point and exact, it did the job.

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