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Retrieving possible screen resolutions

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Hi all,

I've searched the forum for the resolution changer and what I found works perfectly.

(ChangeResolution) Thanks to PartyPooper

What I've done is the following;

I read out the wanted resolution from the registry. If there are no values I open an inputbox and ask for the values and store them into the registry for future use. (normally this will only happen once).

Every 2 (variabel) minutes it checks if the current resoltion is still the same as the settings. If not it will restore it to the desired resolution.

I need this for my media center which resolution is changed every somewhat time. (source unknown)

My question;

Is it possible to get the resolutions supported by the graphics card and load them into a dropdownbox or slider?

Just like the slider in the in the properties of the screensettings.

in this manner I can retrieve the supported resolutions and the user can't give wrong resolutions.

Many thanks,


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