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AutoItX PixelSearch in C#

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Hi all! I just started to get into programming a few months ago and took up C# because that is what the programmers at my job work use (ASP.NET and later porting applications to C#). Today I was bored and wanted to make a little bot and look for certain colors. All I saw was that people couldn't get it to work. I saw Ramadash make his own PixelSearch function which is quite nice, however, is quite slow if you have a large search space. You can see by having the mouse cursor move to the x, y coordinates for every pixel.

Now I do apologize if this has already been fixed or brought up because the threads I saw were old, but I didnt really see a solution when I searched :lmao: . I saw people saying that all they get is a 1, some weird string, or nothing.

Here is what I did in C# and I am sure anyone familiar with other languages can easily interpret it into the code they need.

Code in wrapper class. "AutoIT" is the instance name of AutoItX3Class

public static object PixelSearch(int[] TopLeft, int[] BottomRight, int Color, int Shade, int Step)
    return AutoIT.PixelSearch(TopLeft[0], TopLeft[1], BottomRight[0], BottomRight[1], Color, Shade, Step);

Code to return the coordinates and handle the error.

//AuX_Wrapper is the instance name for my Wrapper
object coord = AuX_Wrapper.PixelSearch(TopLeft, BottomRight, Color, Shade, Step);

//Here we check to see if it found the pixel or not. It always returns a 1 in C# if it did not.
if(coord.ToString() != "1")
    //We have to turn "object coord" into a useable array since it contains the coordinates we need.
    object[] pixelCoord = (object[]) coord;
    //Now we cast the object array to integers so that we can use the data inside.
    AuX_Wrapper.MouseMove((int)pixelCoord[0], (int)pixelCoord[1], 500);                 

I hope this helps. It took me a few minutes to figure out what I needed to do in order to turn the object into a useable variable. ;)

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WoW thanks

that helped me alot.

I got it workging now ;)=

*in love*

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