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Windows Media Player Library Manager

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Hi there,

After some search on this forum, I found a lot of code using WMP to display video in a GUI, to control WMP but none to get into the WMP Library. :lmao:

I would like to search through the library for some informations and compare those to a reference.

I use an iPod to store MP3 files and WMP at work to listen to them. The entire MP3 library belong to my personal computer using iTunes (and updating the iPod files with new ones et delete some :evil: ).

If the iPod content is changed, i'd like to search my work's WMP Library for files that are no longer available and add the files that are not in the library.

I do not search for this entire code :mad: , I'd like to create it myself but I need a set of commands to manage the WMP Library.

After all, digging into a file system to retrieve a list of files shouldn't be too hard, even for me, but I have to create a list of referenced fils from the WMP Library. ;)

Thanks to anyone who could help me with this....

Best regards.


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