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Deploy with AutoIT


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I don't know so much about AutoIT. I Use Wise Package Studio to create msi file mst files and some small wise script. Some times I use vbscript to solve some deploy tasks.

I would like to know the strange to use AutoIT VS "wise script" and vbs.

I have some tasks I have thinking of how to solve. One is to set the ATI catalyst for configuring dualscreen.

I was thinking mainly to use Autoit for configuring windows and app settings, to automaticly deploy user settings in a corpnetwork.

SO can some explain the good and bad things with Autoit


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The forum is just bursting with info. Did you care to take a look?

I don't think you will find many dissing AutoIt around here. It's a kind of religious thing you know. Personally I would think you would find it easier to solve your tasks with AutoIt rather than vbs. But obviously it depends on your mileage.

AutoIt is not a installer replacement. But it started out as a automation tool for installers. Monitor installation, fill in info, click ok. That kind of things. Now it is probably one of the best scripting tools (glue language) to use on windows. As you can see in the help file it has a huge collection of specialized functions (wrappers to the native win32 api) targeting the MS Windows OS's.

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WiseScript can do a lot, and it has been stretched to do more than it was intended to, but it isn't really a full-featured program language. Custom functions are difficult to create, it handles only integer math, it doesn't have arrays (though I 've used parsing to emulate this), etc. It is nice because it compiles to an executable.

Syntactically, I find AutoIt and VBScript to be similar, though when I switch between the two I find that the way they deal with arrays trips me up - sometimes you have to subtract or add 1 to get the right index, sometimes not. VBScript is irritating because you have to instantiate everything. I should probably just get over it, but come on - the file system? The shell? I have to go copy/paste those lines for every script. Give me a break! Also, unless you jump through the WMI hoop, the registry functions are kind of brain dead. Unlike WiseScript, you can't call DLL functions through VBScript. VBScript is nice in that it plays well with DOS through the cscript executable.

AutoIt is great in that it can create the stand alone executable like WiseScript does, it is a full-featured language, and it has great file, registry and process access functions. But of course where it really shines is in manipulating the GUI. I've written entire installation wrappers by having AutoIt be the "technician", waiting for the windows, entering the data and clicking the right buttons. I haven't found any thing like it in that regard. Also, AutoIt can be used to build a good looking GUI - maybe not as easy to build as in WiseScript, but better than anything you can do through using VBScript in an HTA.

Those are my thoughts.

BlueBearrOddly enough, this is what I do for fun.
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