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Deployment scripts

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Last night I wrote a bunch of scripts which install various applications automated.

The programs that don't need any reboot work fine except the ones that need a reboot like ASNA AS/400 Client Express. This program needs to reboot after the first initial instal, then installs a update, needs to reboot again and then install another update.

I fixed this problem by dividing the installation in 3 scripts. when script 1 ends (after the first installation) it places a shortcut in the startup folder to installation 2 for the first update en then the same for the second setup.

I am not completly happy with this solution, is there a way to do this in an other (better, efficienter) way?


Is there a way to automate the windows update? The sequence of the update changes alot ;)

thanks in advance...

your lazy sysadmin :-)

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