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how can u find out ur offsets?

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Guest 3ripleX

like i am new to this and i wanna know how u find it out like 245,356 or w/e like

right click 345,578 how u find that out??? can u tell me? thanks

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To find out what the pixel coordinates are on the screen you can use AU3_Spy.exe and move your mouse pointer to the point you want to know.

there is also a function that can search for pixel colors in a particular square :

PixelSearch ( left, top, right, bottom, color )

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Guest 3ripleX

ok can u help me with this i am making a stash autoit for my bot which i am nub at but i am trying to learn so how would i do that like wat i wanna do is when it sees a unidetified iteam it will put that in the stash the easy part it is to walk from it soo thats no worries but how do i make it notice the word unidetified and put that in stash??

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