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Capturing output from a textmode command

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Guest cbreaker

I've tried a few different ways before posting, and having no ideas left i figure'd i'd ask here- what's the proper way to have a textmode application put it's output into a file? I've been trying:

$catchAll = RunWait(@COMSPEC & " /c" & " ..\..\au3\sed.exe s:CHANGEME:" & $answer & ":g " & $randomFolder & "\" & $file & " >" & $file & $file, "")

($file$file gets created but has a zero size)

Believe me, it wasn't that ugly when I started :ph34r:

I'm doing this because I need to modify some config files with sed.. anyone have any advice for what I'm missing? thanks

crap, is it because of not having quotes around the path for the incoming file? hmm.

i'm an idiot then, exscuse this post.

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When you do this command from the Commandprompt, does it then work and create a capture file ?... if so , how does it look ?

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Guest cbreaker

When you do this command from the Commandprompt, does it then work and create a capture file ?... if so  , how does it look ?

I knew it was going to be something stupid :ph34r:

Know of any way to retrieve AutoIt's process ID easily? i don't see a macro

(wanted something cleaner for tmp files than the filename twice)

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If you just need a temp file you can use something like this:

$temp1 = @TempDir & "\temp" & Int(Random(1,1000)) & ".tmp"

That will generate a random filename between temp1.tmp and temp999.tmp. It also uses the user's temp directory so that if a script is executed from a read-only directory it will still succeed. If I need more than 2 or 3 tempfiles, I'll use a for loop at the top to create an array of temp file locations and just referance by array index.

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compiled scripts use their name as the process name, as does any app, I think that the Process* functions are only in unstable, but check your helpfile for ProcessExists which should be able to give you the PID for any given running process...

if @compiled = 1 then 
   $PID = ProcessExists(@Scriptname)
   $PID = ProcessExists("autoit3.exe")

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