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ID Tab in Window


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First - welcome to AutoIT forum.

Second - this isn't a drive through for code. You have to do some research and ATTEMPT to write some code that shows you have put in some effort instead of counting on other people writing the code for you.

Think AutoIT help file and look up opening control panel items from the command line.

Good luck...... ;)

[font="Verdana"]People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it. - George Benard Shaw[/font]

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Apparently it is a drive through for research though ;)

I'm a little stumbled by your reponse cuz. I wasn't looking for code, I was simply looking for some direction. Being a PLSQL developer for 12 years has left me out in the cold from other programmers apparently...thanks Joon, I'm learning a lot from your code, esp these macros, very helpful.

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