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Blank window title


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I found waldo. Do I get a cookie? ;)


Anyway , I am guessing you mean the window has a generic classname like #32270 or something like that. In that case you might be able to do a winlist() by the process that owns it. Take a look at WinGetProcess().

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Looking for help identifying and working with a window that does not show a classname or title under AutoItWindow information.

Does the window contain any text that AutoIt can identify? Don't forget that this can be used.

Failing that, theoretically you could identify a window by its content: get a handle to the window that has three buttons, one of which is in this particular position on the window (this requires some extra AutoIt code to achieve of course, but it's not too difficult). Controls on windows also feature class names of their own, so you could use those details as well.

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Cann you please help me?


Title: Identity Manager - Mozilla Firefox

Class: MozillaUIWindowClass

Position: -4, -4

Size: 1288, 968

Style: 0x48CF0000

ExStyle: 0x00000100

Handle: 0x00010730


Class: MozillaWindowClass

Instance: 1

ClassnameNN: MozillaWindowClass

Advance(Class): [CLASS:MozillaWindowClass; INSTANCE:1]



Position: 0, 0

Size: 1280,934

ControlClick Coords: 594, 21

Style: 0x56000000

ExStyle: 0x00000000

Handle: 0x0001073A

My code is: & tryed others 2 but stull the same result ;) - I recieve or an empty MsgBox or an "0"

WinWait("Identity Manager - Mozilla Firefox")

If Not WinActive("Identity Manager - Mozilla Firefox") Then WinActivate("Identity Manager - Mozilla Firefox")

WinWaitActive("Identity Manager - Mozilla Firefox")

Dim $Text

$Text= ControlListView ( "[CLASS:MozillaUIWindowClass]", "", "[CLASS:MozillaWindowClass; INSTANCE:1]", "GetSelected")

;Display the selected text in a message box.

MsgBox(1, "", $Text)

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