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Script to remotely control RapGet

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RapGet is a simple program that lets files automatically be downloaded from file hosting sites. I am trying to make an set of scripts that will allow it to be controlled remotely.

My general idea is to have three scripts. The first script will be a TCP/IP server that runs on the computer running RapGet - this script will convert TCP messages into control events for RapGet. It will also need to send data from the RapGet program back to any connected clients.

The seconds program will be the remote client. It will be able to issue commands to the servers, as well as graphically display the data it receives.

The third script will be a server similar to the first, but slimmed down. It will be set to run at the computer's start, and be able to start the first script, kill the first script, start RapGet, close RapGet, focus RapGet, and handle any other events that could leave the server program unusable (like my roommate closing the Window ;) )

I have just started to write this, but the big thing I am having problems with is getting data from the controls in RapGet. I have got all the ID's for the RapGet controls, and used them to get handles, but I can't seem to get any of the data they display. In particular, I have a SysListView32 with two columns that I need to get data from, but anything I try just returns 0.

Anyone know how I can access that data?

If there some way I can get all the properties and events for a control?

Thanks for any help.

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