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Rating GUI for rate my pic webpages

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First I must thank all forum users for being so kind & helping out others. ;)

There are many similar sites where you can rate other people pictures, so hire is 1 small GUI that can rate those pictures in the background & read more:

Was originally made for this site: http://www.rate.ee

can be customised for other sites (but you need change the URL-s & form nr.-s)

First I tried to make it more user friendly, where user can use GUI to set their own Hotkeys & URLs & Form Numbers, but I failed (therefore this GUI is not included hire. yes because of this you need to change the code to use it on other websites, but its not really much work, I tried to design the code as simple as I could)

all extra info is saved to ini file.

It can rate pictures in background

it can check for updates

can hide tray menu icon ( to continue rating in some internet coffee after your time is over(Hidden in background :lmao: ) )

choose how to rate (Random or not random & if random then specify how many random marks.)

can add a comment to a picture before rating it (optional)

Has autoclikker GUI can also send raw keys or text ot mousecliks

has simply log in function & log in & start rating function at program start-up

To use the rater, the user must be logged in first.(unless auto-login option is used)

Problems that may occur:

IE crash due some IE add-on (Simply disable the add-on that is causing problem)


Set IE to DO not show pictures.(then pictures wont even be downloaded & rating speed will be fast. I managed to rate more than around 10 000 pictures a day…once I tested it)


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