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Hello its me again,

I love testing this software and I'm back for more punishment.

Is it possible to have a another window that opens and wont allow you to click on any other window untill that particular window is closed?

Eg. Internet Explorer Tools->Internet Options. If you try to click back on the explorer window it will do a flashy thing.

I want to use something similar to MsgBox because I don't need to add controls but I don't believe it has this feature unless i'm mistaken. I tried a few options under the styles and extended styles plus winsetontop but I couldn't get even get another window to open without the previous window closing.


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Yep SplashTextOn does what I want however it doesn't seem to have an option for icons like msgbox. I was thinking of creating a separate window to cover background window but I don't think autoit supports transparent gifs in spashimageon. Too messy and probably not worth it anyway.


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