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FTP Helper application


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We sometimes need to get files to an from remote users but dont want to mess about with usernames, passwords and IP addresses, so we simply compile this (compression off), create a text file with the e-mail passthru program (see signature). they can then upload files to us or we can give then the name of a specific file that they can then download from our ftp site

AutoIt Version:

This is a helper application to assist in obtaining/uploading files from/to an FTP server the user does not need to know:

the address of the server the username or password

we use different upload and download directories and different up and download usernames and passwords

demonstrates FTP up and downloads Tooltray Tips

It is limited to up/downloading a single file at a time and will use the proxy settings set in Internet Explorer. Downloaded files" will be placed in the folder the program is run from.

Details of actions are logged in the file ftphelperlog.txt

This program does NOT send any information to any other computer other than the information required to download the requested file to this PC

Internet Explorer 3 or greater must be installed for this to work.

search for ??? and update the code with the required information

This program throws a FALSE POSITIVE positive in the Symantes products when compiled with UPX compression. So be sure to de-select the "UPX compress .exe stub" option off the compression Menu before

compiling (Still only 384 k in size though)


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