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A solution for Hex editing!

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Maybe it already common knowledge, but maybe it is not.

If you need to Hex editing you can't just do it with Autoit... You need to integrate to autoit an other program.

I found that XVI32 is very good for this:

Just file install XVI files (it does not install .dll, registry modification or other nonsenses) and execute:

RunWait("c:\folder\XVI32.exe filetoHexedit.file /S=istruction.xsc","c:\folder",@sw_hide)

filetoHexedit.file is of course the file that needs to be modified

istruction.xsc is a list of operation that XVI32 have to do on the file.

If the list of operation is well made, XVI just start, do and leave.

XVI uses its script language that is very easy to learn and use, just check the helpfile.


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Guest brianpaul


I guess it was common knowledge after all.


Thanks ezzebabi... this might be what I need. I have been looking for a way to enter a hex number as a reg_binary in the registry. Hope this works


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