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Hi, I'm totally new to this scripting thing, so I don't have a clue. Here's what I'm trying to do, then the problem. I made a simple script with the mouse recorder, and some edits, to: run Ad-Aware, tick all the threats found, eliminate them, then the same with Spybot, then defrag, then shutdown. I made it to autorun at midnight every night on the daughters unit upstairs, since they can't seem to do any of the above, ever. ;)

The scipt works fine, but they wanted a way to stop, or pause it, if it starts while they're still doing something, so I was attemting to make a little scipt to Exit, the "shutdownsequence" script, with a msgbox, to confirm it was aborted. I made another script, (shorter) to test the exit script on, and thought it was going good untill I realized it didn't matter what I clicked on. The running script would pause. Then if I reactivate the window that the script is running, the script continues on. I then tried the same on the shutdown script, and got the same results. Any ideas on what I'm doing wronge. I'm learning as I go, but this has me lost.

Thanks. :lmao:

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Use WinGetCaretPos ( ) to see if the caret has moved (indicates user activity). Search the forum for +idle +user or similar to find udf's.

Then make a sleep loop and recheck for user activity.

Not sure if this was what you asked for. Maybe you should provide the simples sample script you can think of demonstrating your problem?

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