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Sean Delere

Command Line

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I am a new user of AutoIt so be gentle with me if this is a really stupid question.

I have a shortcut that allows me to run a thumbnail making program with the parameters passed to it by the command line. I have 6 of these shortcuts so I am trying to use AutoIt to run them all in sequence by just running one script.

The command line that works is -

"C:\Program Files\Easy Thumbnails\EzThumbs.exe" Z:\Images\Temp\Files\*.jpg /D="Z:\Images\Large" /P=L /W=400 /Q=90 /M

This is what I have tried in AutoIt with out success

$CmdLine[0] equals... 6

$CmdLine[1] equals... "Z:\Images\Temp\Files\*.jpg"

$CmdLine[2] equals... -D="Z:\Images\Thumb"

$CmdLine[3] equals... -P=T

$CmdLine[4] equals... -W=50

$CmdLine[5] equals... -Q=90

$CmdLine[6] equals... -M

run "C:\Program Files\Easy Thumbnails\EzThumbs.exe"

Can someone point me in the direction I am going wrong?

Many thanks


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$CmdLine[0] etc refers to command line parameters for a script written in AutoIt not another program.

The correct syntax for Run is Run("prog.exe").


Run("C:\Program Files\Easy Thumbnails\EzThumbs.exe" & "Z:\Images\Temp\Files\*.jpg /D="Z:\Images\Large" /P=L /W=400 /Q=90 /M")

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