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AutoIt Craps


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Here is a craps game I made for a friend. Please give feedback, suggestions, and any bugs. Craps has a lot of different betting combinations and I believe I have debugged it enough for an initial release. Enjoy ;)


PaulIA (function to refresh specific gui area)

Items to note:

You can only have 1 Come/Don't Come bet series running at 1 time. This is mainly because it could get very hard to keep track of all of these possibilities.

To Do:

Add save/restore ability.

Finish adding the other bets (the ones not complete are noted in Payout Odds)

Help for bets.


Previous Downloads = 34



Added save/load which is saved to an ini file. This saves your options, current player/house money, bet payoff odds, and all statistics.

Added statistic tracking for each roll, bet specific house money (what bets the house wins/loses), win count, lose count, and percentage of money the house won on a specific bet (subject to change based on what my friend wants to see).


Added Help. Added a statistics tracking that shows a count of every roll and the type of bet the house wins(you lose). Fixed the following bets that were not calculating correctly (Hard 4, 6, 8, 10, Field, Field 2/12, Place 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10)


Initial Release

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Looks realy cool but i have no idea what craps is =/

[s]My scripts =)Password protect process (with tray menu lol)Clickous meousDisable ctrl+alt+del and password protect folder...Andous herous lolKp3s security center v.1Click me[/s]Ok... You shouldnt use annyone of them cuz they use alot of memory and contain alot of errors and stuff.. I was a n00b :P Ignore it... And if u for some reason want to use them... Watch out for my realy bad spelling :I

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Looks realy cool but i have no idea what craps is =/

Thanks. Yea I didn't know much about the game either before I made this so that is why I built the help file. Once you understand the point and come point bets then it is fairly easy. My friend likes playing it at casinos but he wanted a way to play craps that gives some statistically feedback.


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