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Michel Claveau

Files meta-data ? (like version, but another)

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FileGetVersion give the (meta-data) version of a file (DLL, Exe, etc.)

Who know a way for read others meta-data, like "Language", "Editor", "Copyright", ...?

By advance, thanks!

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Returns the "File" version information.

FileGetVersion ( "filename" [,"stringname"] )


filename Filename to check.

stringname [optional] name of the field to be retried from the header version file info.

Return Value

Success: Returns a string containing the version information, e.g. "".

Failure: Returns "" if no version information (or other error) or "" when retrieving a stringname, and sets @error to 1.


stringname can be the basic one as :

Comments, InternalName, ProductName, CompanyName, LegalCopyright, ProductVersion,

FileDescription, LegalTrademarks, PrivateBuild, FileVersion, OriginalFilename, SpecialBuild

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