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SchedulerPro -- AutoIt Class Scheduling Utility

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I am an undergrad at Case Western Reserve University. As I am sure most undergrads at most universities would agree, scheduling classes each semester is not trivial; it takes some effort to find the classes that should be taken, then seeing if they all fit into a schedule is daunting.

So, I have spend the last few months working on a scheduling utility that will schedule classes visually, so that undergrad students, graduate students, and professors can make schedules.

Currently I have released Beta Version 3.0.xx that is available as an *.exe on my limited webpage schedulerpro.case.edu


This program is written completely in AutoIt.

This setup file will establish the filestructure needed by the program:

Setup File (Main Source is Below)

However, there is something unique about this that I hope is useful to many other people. I have set up the schedule as an HTML file that is displayed by _IECreate($file), and because of that, the schedule can be colorful and editable without graphics handling on the part of AutoIt, but rather by Internet Explorer.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

There are a few things that I need forum help with. If anyone has code updates, and/or changes, post them here, or email me at schedulerpro@case.edu




This, of course, only works for people affiliated with Case Western Reserve University

I am pleased with the functionality of the code, but it is relatively unorganized. For that I apologize. I work on this one function at a time, and over months, it gets less and less organized.

It is meant to seamlessly interact with Scheduler Jones (another scheduling utility that students use)Scheduler Jones


Bugs that I need help on:


GUI_EVENT_CLOSE does not close the dialogs

Tab does not cycle through controls (notice the replacement of this in the function tabforward()

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