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I tried to write an application that will save the pixel color pointed by the mouse cursor to a file once I click the left mouse button.

Does anybody know any function will capture a mouse click event (like the onMouseClick in Visual C++), so that I can do something like this:

while 1

if is_mouse_click() = true

$pos = MouseGetPos ( )

$color = PixelGetColor ( $pos[0] , $pos[1] )

FileWrite("myFile", $color);



Or even better is to have something like HotKeySet() [unfortunately HotKeySet doesn't take mouse click as "hot key"].


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AutoIt doesn't do that... I'd say search for it, but the forum search is less than stellar. The reasons for this involve mouse hooks and fears of people using autoit to hack and make keyloggers/mouse loggers and the resistance to having dll's that need to be installed for use and more...

That's just what I've gathered from the other times people have asked similar questions...

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