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StringRegExp in .exe to find file version

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Hi guys, sorry to ask you about StringRegExp, I know there is a lot of post about it but I really don't find how to get what I want.

Here is the deal :

I want to get fileversion of the famous putty.

But there is no informations about version in registry or in a file. Worse, it's impossible to find the version of the exe file with FileGetVersion which returns ( because the author didn't include it.

So I tried by reading the file and I found it. It appears like PuTTY-Release-0.53b in the middle of nul char

I wrote a function which return the version (with raw filereading) but it takes at least 40 secondes. I can't use this because it's destined to be launch at every logon by each user of the domain.

I think there is a very fast way to return the version with StringRegExp but I didn't find it, even with function help and by looking in this forum ! !

Is there anybody which can help me please. I would be very grateful.

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