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Returning to Previous Windows State

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I wish my script to do the following: when new mail is pending, maximize Pegasus and click to download it, then return to the window I was viewing before. This works AOK except when the Desktop is on the screen. Code follows:

$t = WinGetText("Pegasus Mail")

$mailWaiting = StringInStr($t,"waiting on pop.gmail.com")

if $mailWaiting Then

$ar = MouseGetPos()

$winTit = WinGetTitle("")

WinActivate("Pegasus Mail")

WinWaitActive("Pegasus Mail")

MouseClick("left",421,50) ; download

WinSetState("Pegasus Mail","",@sw_minimize)

if $winTit<>"" Then WinWaitActive($winTit) ; if no window was active


if $winTit<>"" is intended to detect when no windows are maximized, but the script sometimes pauses on this line.

Is there a better way?



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