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seletchi gabriel

need help for a script in MuOnline game...

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i want to make a script that press Q automatically when i have 100hp , but...

when i have lvl 1 i have x hp and when i have lvl 2 i have x hp +2

can you help me whit a script that press q when i have 100hp ? ( srry for my english )

$coord = PixelSearch( $x1, $lvl, $x1, $lvl, 0x100E0F, 30)
If Not @error Then
Send ("q")

( www.muonline.com )

(( hp = health points ))

Have fun and be nice !Can't wait for autoit v8.0!

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search for pixel at hp's bar. Work through percentage of that life's bar. So that it can be like 70% hp hit little pot, 40% hp hit big pot etc. You just need to relocate the points to look for at pixelsearch function.

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