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Un Viewable Process?

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Hello Peoples this ISNT my first post... i lost my pass for my other accnt and forgot the info fully >_>

My Question Is Kinda Complicated... Bear With Me!

Im making a script to pull text from a game (log) however i cannot find out how to do it.

the text i want to pull is general chat, im guessing the only way to do so is read packets or something...

this is where you help me!

i have searched and know basics and some moderate scripting with auto-it.

there has to be a way to do it, as i have seen other programs (some other programming language) that read it

mainly bots though...

im just interested in logging chat in order to have a log of what people offer for items that i have for sale (when you disconnect from the game it closes and doesnt save information)

if there is any other way of doing it, please let me know. or give me an example...

i appreciate any help you offer, THANKS!

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