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Howw to get control image


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Hi all,

First of all I'd like to say hello to all the forum users and make a big Hurray for the developers of this perfect scripting tool. I've searched a lot of places to find some tool with AutoIt functionality, with no luck.

I'm constantly working with RealBasic, which allows me to use the AutoItX. This is great and as soon I get my project fully working I'll donate to the developers.

Now to the first problem. Is it possible using AutoIt to get an Image of the control in external application? For example a map in a navigation program?



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Not directly from any functions of AutoItX. I'm not seasoned with AutoitX so I could be wrong.

Unless you can select the image and copy it to the clipboard.

Take a look at the TrayMenuEx sample. You will be interested in the listed resources and api calls. Use those to explore MSDN for the functions to get a handle to the image and retrieve it from th handle. Don't know it RealBasic has something similar to dllcall but I suppose so?

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Thanks for the quick response. The link you provided is dead. I've tryed to search the forum for the example, but no luck.

More and more I test with autoIt more I'm astonished with the usability and more questions come in. I'll post them in a separate threads.

The first thing I'd like to manage is (as posted in title) to get a picture from a control, then I'll move forward.

Maybe to clear what I'm doing. Perhaps someone has any experience with it: I'm working on a front end for my Car PC. I've managed to create a decent front end for audio and video player (with Realbasic). Now I'd like to implement GPS functionality via nRoute. This wasn't possible till I found AutoIt.

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