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Getting the position of the mouse when the mosue is clicked

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I'm making a program that records the mouse clicks of the user, then plays it for them. Right now I've been stuck on how to record all those positions. I already know how to get the position of one, but I can't figure out a way to record each individual one so it can be played back in that order. I can create an individual variable for each click, but since I don't know how many times the user's gonna click, to limit him to a certain amount isn't quite what I had in mind. If there is a way, perhaps with arrays or a variable in the variable name, please post. If AutoIt can't handle it, please also post.

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Use _Ispressed(01) to get left mouse button clicks.

When it detects a click, have it go to a separate function that logs the click to an array variable. You said you don't know how many variables you need, that is what an array is for. An array is basically a single variable that can store millions of different values in it that a normal non-array variables would store. Use Redim to resize to array to make it larger each time the mouse button is clicked. You could then store the position in one element of the array, and various other data in other elements of the array.

Hope that helps.

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