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STDOUT doesn't go to a text file


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Hello All,

I have a script where I am running a command and sending the STDOUT to a text file. I do this about six times in my script, but this line has decided to stop producing the STDOUT txt file. The confusing thing is that it does execute the command correctly and if i run the command at a dos prompt, it will also produce the STDOUT txt file

The first line is the one causing the problem. The last lien is where I am looking for the STDOUT file.

Any suggestions as to what may be wrong?


$PID=RunWait(@ComSpec & " /C pes2tp.exe input=AV.vps output=AV.vtp pid=0x240 -r " & $new_bitrate & " > pes2tp_video_out.txt", $current_directory, @SW_HIDE)


GUICtrlSetData($txt1,GuiCtrlRead($txt1) & "***************************pes2tp for video finished********************************" & @CRLF)

;check if stdout file was produced


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You specify a working directory to Run(). That is the directory where the output file will be. Later you check in AutoIt's working directory for the file. Very likely $current_directory is not the same as @WorkingDir so you're simply looking for the file in the wrong place. You should always specify the full path to a file to avoid problems like this.

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