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Read a attribute with a comma


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I try to read attributes of accounts in a Novell e-directory.

How to read an attribute which contains a character minus ? example: DirXML-associations ==>

Const $ServeurNDS = "MyServer"

Const $PortNDS = 389

Const $AdmNDS = "cn=MyUser,o=MyContext"

Const $PWDNDS = "MyPWD"

Global $User="cn=MyAccount,ou=MyContext,o=MyOrganisation"

$oLDAP = ObjGet("LDAP:")

If IsObj($oLDAP) Then

$oADsSelectContainer = $oLDAP.OpenDSObject ("LDAP://" & $ServeurNDS & ":" & $PortNDS & "/" & $User, $AdmNDS, $PWDNDS, 0)

If Not @error Then

If $oADsSelectContainer.sn <> "" Then

Msgbox(4096, $oADsSelectContainer.sn, "DIRXML=" & $oADsSelectContainer.DirXML-associations)




With this code, I have an error of compilation on $oADsSelectContainer.DirXML-associations

Thanks for your answer


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