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Responding to differing window results

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Hello All,

I am new to the AutoIt world, but not so much to software automation. I am trying to use AutoIt to automate a nasty old (circa 1990s) database manager for Pro/ENGINEER objects (ME solid models) called Pro/PDM. This thing was originally developed on UNIX based on TCL/TK and ported to Windows, so it's about as non-standard as can be. I was able to use the AutoIt Window Info tool and Help system to come up with ways of interacting with the app, based on window title, control ID, keyboard entry, and, when all else fails, pixel driven mouse clicks.

Anyway, my current problem. The app reacts by displaying differing windows depending on results. I know (reasonably well) which window title goes with which result, what i need is a strategy for launching an action, waiting for the results, and reacting to whatever result window is displayed.

Any pointers would be gratefully accepted.



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