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Forum Information and FAQs

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Post Count and Rankings

Ranks based on increasing post count are as follows:

  • Seeker
  • Wayfarer
  • Adventurer
  • Prodigy
  • Polymath
  • Universalist

These titles are auto-generated and have no relation to actual skill level. Once you reach 300 posts you can change the title to whatever you like :P

User Groups and Rights

Members - New members with less than 5 posts. While in this group there are certain restrictions on what files you can upload and you are unable to start topics in certain forums. There is a lot of wasted resources used by members who register, upload massive photos and avatars and then leave the forum without posting.

Full Members - Members with more than 5 posts. No restrictions.

AutoIt MVPs - Members who are judged by the community to be helpful, who write and share useful code, who help the development of AutoIt. Or all three :D These users have the same rights as normal members but get a team icon, a little more attachment and PM space, and access to the MVP Chat forum section.

Moderators - The forum police. This is not a democracy and each of the mods has their own distinct personality. They have the rights to edit posts, delete posts, ban users, delete users, IP ban, etc. Let the poster beware :D

Developers - A small group of users with access to the AutoIt source code and who have contributed significantly to the internal development of AutoIt. Some of them are also Moderators.


Signature Policy

No formal policy for the use of signatures but if a moderator thinks it is too big and/or distracting then you may be asked to tone it down. Noone likes wading through signatures that are a page high.


Attachment Policy

Each user group has a size allowance for uploading attachments to the board.


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Added Member Deletion Policy.

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